Cameroon the Land of African Wonders as described by Emmanuel

Cameroon is a peaceful, remarkably hospitable and multiply enchanting Central African country, ideally located at the intersection of Central and West African regions. The country flourishes in a breath-taking spectrum of tourism opportunities and possibilities, all carefully flavoured with treasured African uniqueness and charm. Cameroon is usually baptised Africa in miniature because this vibrant nation is so abundantly endowed in all manners of wonderments; for which, it’s possible to experience the entire African continent, just by experiencing Cameroon. This colourful nation gently hosts more than two hundred ethic groups, which co-exists in harmony and fraternal goodwill. Each ethnic group offers unique sensation, with respect to architecture, traditional dance, food, dressing, language, artistic dexterity etc. Cameroon’s scenery is awe-inspiring and dramatic, including mountains, escarpment, valleys and plains.  Your imagination will be nourished by the country’s vast spectrum of natural features; including shift-flowing and voluminous rivers, magnificent waterfalls, alluring lakes, mind-blowing caves, staggering mountains, beautifully undulating hills, astounding beaches etc. You will be marvelled by Cameroon’s varied and magnificent vegetation; amongst which are, majestic evergreen equatorial forest, spectacular highland montane forest, enticing semi-deciduous stretches and vast fields of breath-taking wooded savannah. Cameroon’s ultimate allurement is its wildlife treasures that are well preserved in its numerous national parks and thriving nature reserves. Whether it be lions, elephants, monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, birds, giraffes etc, the delight of observing these wonderful creatures in their natural habitats, will be at your full discretion.
Indeed, Cameroon’s touristic magnetism and charismatic personality are simply irresistible.
Try Cameroon today; and you will be delighted you did.LCMTours is always at your service. 

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